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Akçapınar Emlak
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AKÇAPINAR EMLAK was founded in 2003 for professional domestic real estate consultancy and marketing. Since its foundation, AKÇAPINAR EMLAK has always aimed to highlight qualified and realiable service.

Besides being real estate broker,opening new offices and creating common work points are among the essential targets of the Company. Acoording to the development process of the sector,the Company serves to be beneficial to all its clients with "Dreams are Boundless in AKÇAPINAR EMLAK" slogan.

AKÇAPINAR EMLAK Works to improve and make the estate agency a prestigious occupation and shares its knowledge of the sector and experience with its colleague partners.

As AKÇAPINAR EMLAK our aim is to bring our Company with its modern working system and principles to an advanced level as a leading representative of Estate Sector,both in terms of economy and adaptation to the century. While doing this service our essential principles are CORRECTNESS,HONESTY and RELIABILITY.

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